KOITERE, ”Lake of One Hundred Islands” and ”The Pearl of Karelia”, was elected 1973 by Finnish Tourist Association and Finnair Airlines as one of Finland’s seven tourist wonders that had been hidden from the public.

Our place is in the middle of the most beautiful nature and the biosphere reserve of North Karelia (www.kareliabiosphere.fi). Koitere and the surrounding vast forest and marshlands and sparsely populated countryside are still off the beaten track of the world. Here is no mass tourism, fortunately.

The environment is still ideal for those looking for authentic nature experiences. Breathing air is measured to be the cleanest in Europe. On the shores of Lake Koitere, close to the Ruunaa Nature Reserve and the Petkeljärvi, Patvinsuo and Koli National Parks, you can enjoy authentic Nordic nature experiences all year round.

Alongside the nature experiences we offer our guests a base located in the center of the Karelian cultural region. You can explore the Karelian culture and traditions in the vicinity; for example in Ilomantsi, Joensuu, Lieksa and Nurmes. (Link/Karelian culture).

Lapinniemi – ’Cape of Lapland’, where we are, has a long history. Thousands years ago it was a refuge of saami people. Later, for several centuries, it was locally important fishing and agriculture farm and after that nice summer campsite named ”PEARL OF KOITERE” with some cottages until 2016 when it was closed to renew the mission of the place.

Now, KOITERE ISLAND is the next step in the history of the place and the region.

Welcome aboard !